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Lilac Milo

Assembly Model Toys Model Building Block 3D Wooden Puzzle

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This product only includes the parts, need to be assembled by.

Prime Steam Express:
Assembly size:307*67*82mm
Package size:228.5*153.5*12mm
Wooden pieces:308pcs
Item weight:230g

Grand Prix Car:
Assembly size:189*80*60mm
Package size:228.5*153.5*12mm
Wooden pieces:220pcs
Item weight:200g

Heavy track:
Assembly size:224*73*100mm
Package size:228.5*153.5*12mm
Wooden pieces:286pcs Item

Army Jeep:
Assembly size:189*99*89mm
Package size:228.5*153.5*16.5mm
Wooden pieces:369pcs Item